Recent winners

Name Dam Date Race Track Race type Prize money
Belle of Liberty (AUS) 2016 Lucky You 22 Aug Glenroy Chaff Maiden P. Pinjarra Other A$20000
Little Fish (AUS) 2014 Red Fish Blue Fish 10 Aug Prive Fashion Platform H. Belmont Other A$69300
Blue Sandgroper (AUS) 2015 Blue Nonna 08 Aug Peter McKean Maiden P. Pinjarra Other A$19800
Patronism (AUS) 2014 Scenicism 02 Aug Gascoyne Plumbing Maiden P. Carnarvon Other A$10300
Mia Dolce (AUS) 2016 Mia China Doll 27 Jul Go Racing for Free 2YO P. Belmont Other A$70000
Fred Dag (AUS) 2015 Comme Ci 27 Jul D'Orsogna H. Belmont Other A$70000
Mia Dolce (AUS) 2016 Mia China Doll 13 Jul Glory Glory 2YO P. Belmont Other A$70000
Fred Dag (AUS) 2015 Comme Ci 13 Jul Crown Perth H. Belmont Other A$50000
Bartrader (AUS) 2014 Madam Gunda 16 Jun First National H. Kalgoorlie Other A$17280
Advocator (AUS) 2015 Guildhall 13 Jun Hygain Maiden P. Pinjarra Other A$16500
Financial Support (AUS) 2014 Foo Foo the Snoo 05 Jun Western Racepix Maiden P. Belmont Other A$16500
Skinnen Tins (AUS) 2014 Flaming Magic 03 Jun WA Day H. Northam Other A$40200
Solid Azza (AUS) 2015 Rock Revival 23 May Volunteers of York Racing Maiden P. York Other A$14000
Don's Legacy (AUS) 2015 Just Gift 15 May Amelia Park Lamb H. Ascot Other A$23765
Surley Hurley (AUS) 2011 Gas Bottle 11 May Get the Tabtouch H. Carnarvon Other A$12000
Mia Dolce (AUS) 2016 Mia China Doll 11 May Bruno Ottaviano Memorial 2YO P. Ascot Other A$68600
Kimberley Charm (AUS) 2015 Kim Joy 05 May Avon Valley Toyota Maiden P. Northam Other A$16500
Superior Smile (AUS) 2014 Soldier's Smile 04 May Neometals H. Ascot Other A$70000
Arnie's Boy (AUS) 2015 Let's Get Even 28 Apr Track Fashion Marina H. Pinjarra Other A$18430
Patristic (AUS) 2014 There She Be 27 Apr Tabtouch & Better Your Bet H. Ascot Other A$18430