Recent winners

Name Dam Date Race Track Race type Prize money
Taxagano (AUS) 2013 Taxa 03 Aug Crown Perth H. Belmont Other A$70000
Glasgow Girl (AUS) 2014 Highest Honour 13 Jul Vale Bruno Tognini H. Belmont Other A$50000
Serenity Bay (AUS) 2015 Evoked 19 Jun Membership H. Belmont Other A$24010
Glasgow Girl (AUS) 2014 Highest Honour 03 Jun Northam Traders' Sprint H. Northam Other A$30200
Serenity Bay (AUS) 2015 Evoked 30 May Happy Birthday Belinda Maiden P. Northam Other A$16500
Too Clever (AUS) 2013 Pearls of Wisdom 19 May JT Metallurgical Services H. Kalgoorlie Other A$18525
Sophie's Song (AUS) 2015 Acclaimed 11 May Deb Newton 50th Birthday H. Ascot Other A$68600
Glasgow Girl (AUS) 2014 Highest Honour 18 Apr Apprentice Rising Stars H. Narrogin Other A$14725
Catherine Wheel (AUS) 2015 Paris Cracker 06 Apr Ducimus at Rivercrestpark H. Ascot Other A$67900
Sophie's Song (AUS) 2015 Acclaimed 20 Mar Coral Bay Bakery H. Pinjarra Other A$16170
Bronze Wing (AUS) 2014 Tshuva 06 Feb PSC Insurance H. Ascot Other A$19000
Find the Gap (AUS) 2014 Leg Bye 23 Dec Aquaviva Catering Maiden P. Bunbury Other A$15675
Transitional (AUS) 2013 Fleeting Fantasy 17 Nov Rays Contracting Maiden P. Esperance Bay Other A$13720
North Col (AUS) 2014 Noreaster 27 Oct Lynas Corporation H. Laverton Other A$6990
Sophie's Song (AUS) 2015 Acclaimed 13 Sep Regional Men's Health Maiden P. Northam Other A$16170
North Col (AUS) 2014 Noreaster 09 Sep Reece Plumbing Kalgoorlie Maiden P. Kalgoorlie Other A$16500
Temple Man (AUS) 2014 Spritzig 09 Sep Taps Industries H. Kalgoorlie Other A$17640
Glasgow Girl (AUS) 2014 Highest Honour 25 Jul Events at Ascot H. Belmont Other A$19000
Temple Man (AUS) 2014 Spritzig 22 Jul Newland Engineering H. Kalgoorlie Other A$18000
Resistance (AUS) 2014 She's All Storm 14 Jul Heineken 3 H. Belmont Other A$68600