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Stallions.com.au ("Stallions") provides access to the databases ("Databases") it manages through the Stallions website ("The Website"). The conditions upon which Users can access this data are outlined herein.

User Agreement

Stallions grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to access the Service and to use the Information subject to these Terms.

Copyright and other intellectual property rights protect the Service and the Information. The Information may not be reproduced other than for your own personal or internal business purposes.

The information may not be used for any commercial exploitation or made available on a network or otherwise reproduced, transmitted, broadcast or displayed in public without the prior written permission of Stallions.

The information may not be used to produce a stallion "listing" in any form (print/digital/other) without permission of Stallions.

Collecting large amounts of data from the stallions website is not allowed in any manner and all user activity is monitored by Stallions. Any users found to be abusing this privilege will be blocked from the website. By accessing Stallions.com.au you agree to not knowingly try to damage any code or data contained on our server.

The user also agrees that any damage or access that might be granted to their own system directly from using Stallions.com.au is done so at their own risk and Stallions.com.au is not responsible for any damage inflicted.

Information Integrity

All care is taken with every statistic on this website. However due to the way the data is collected errors can be present. We accept no responsibility for any errors with any data collected from 3rd parties. If you are unsure or think there is an error please check with us directly.


Most of the data supplied for our stallion listings is supplied by Arion pedigrees Pty. Ltd. All queries on their data can be sent to us.

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