Recent winners

Name Dam Date Race Track Race type Prize money
Free Trade (AUS) 2014 Lady Xena 18 May Perth Glory H. Ascot Other A$50000
Overthought (AUS) 2015 She's My Mak 09 May Bunbury Apartment Motel Maiden P. Pinjarra Other A$16500
Free Trade (AUS) 2014 Lady Xena 04 May Passages Perth H. Ascot Other A$49000
Fair Nakita (AUS) 2013 Koukla 27 Apr Paul Craig 50th Birthday H. Ascot Other A$23765
Corporate Trader (AUS) 2014 Miss Velvet 14 Apr Bunbury Apartment Motel H. Geraldton Other A$19000
Trade Talk (AUS) 2013 Dare to Risk 14 Apr Gero After the Last H. Geraldton Other A$19000
Diamond Jolson (AUS) 2013 Mammy Jolson 21 Mar Cup Charter Tickets H. Geraldton Other A$15500
Jedaffair (AUS) 2015 King's Lynn 16 Mar Natasha S. Ascot L A$100000
Fair Sonari (AUS) 2014 Sonari 09 Mar Furphy H. Ascot Other A$50000
Jedaffair (AUS) 2015 King's Lynn 06 Mar City & Regional Fuels H. Bunbury Other A$18240
Fair Joy (AUS) 2014 Joyeux 06 Mar Furphy Maiden P. Bunbury Other A$16170
Jedaffair (AUS) 2015 King's Lynn 24 Feb A1 Locksmith Maiden P. Pinjarra Other A$16500
Fairview (AUS) 2015 Mireille 23 Feb David Rudland 60th Birthday H. Ascot Other A$66500
Trade Talk (AUS) 2013 Dare to Risk 21 Feb Western Racepix H. Geraldton Other A$15500
Requisition (AUS) 2014 Under Request 13 Feb Sign on Group H. Ascot Other A$18810
Its Not Trading (AUS) 2011 Ticking Time 10 Feb Ducimus at Rivercrestpark H. Albany Other A$15500
Its Not Trading (AUS) 2011 Ticking Time 31 Jan Albany Cup Raceday H. Albany Other A$15345
My Lady Fair (AUS) 2015 Prima Vista 23 Jan Events at Ascot H. Ascot Other A$24255
Fair Nakita (AUS) 2013 Koukla 20 Jan Tabtouch & Better Your Bet H. Albany Other A$15500
Fairview (AUS) 2015 Mireille 19 Jan Amelia Park Lodge H. Ascot Other A$70000