Copyright & Data policy

Copyright & Data policy

All data/information displayed on is subject copyright.

Data Sources relies upon our own data as well as data provided by Arion Pedigrees. Where applicable we distinguish between the two sources. However if not explicitly written all data is covered by our copyright outlined below. All data supplied by Arion Pedigrees is also covered by their copyright which can be found on

Arion Pedigrees

The majority of our stallion listing information/data is supplied by Arion Pedigrees and is reproduced with their permission. Copying this data by any means is not allowed under their copyright. Reproduction can only be done after written consent is given by

While all care is taken by Arion, any errors or omissions in their data should be reported them at

All Arion data is covered by their scope and terms.


All data/information displayed that is a product of Stallions or Bluebloods is covered by our copyright and scope terms below.


All information/data on (our site, this website) can NOT be copied by any means. This includes but is not limited to: manual copying, automated copying (bots); scraping  or any other means where data is taken from this website to be reproduced in any way. commercial or private.

Our site is monitored for all unusual behavior if any user/visitor is found to be copying our data, they will be banned from our site and their information reported as per our privacy policy.

Reproduction of Data

Any one wanting to reproduce our data for personal or commercial reasons must seek permission by contacting us before use.

Sales Results Data

This data is collected from the 3 major sale companies; Magic Millions; Inglis and New Zealand Bloodstock. Any errors or omissions in the data should be referred to us for checking.

Auction Conditions

This refers to sales of auction lots by the fall of the gavel under auction conditions. We reserve the right to report all sales by this method. Sales results are collected on the day of the sale or soon after. The data is not updated after this point. Any sales recorded after this date and reported by the sales companies are considered to be after the sale and not sold under auction conditions. Please refer to the individual sale conditions of each of the sale companies listed above.

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Data supplied by Arion Pedigrees

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