USA - 1992

Danzig (USA) Northern Dancer (CAN) Nearctic (CAN) Nearco (ITY) Pharos (GB)
Nogara (ITY)
Lady Angela (GB) Hyperion (GB)
Sister Sarah (GB)
Natalma (USA) Native Dancer (USA) Polynesian (USA)
Geisha (USA)
Almahmoud (USA) Mahmoud (FR)
Arbitrator (USA)
Pas de Nom (USA) Admiral’s Voyage (USA) Crafty Admiral (USA)
Olympia Lou (USA) Olympia (USA)
Petitioner (GB) Petition (GB) Fair Trial (GB)
Steady Aim (GB) Felstead (GB)
Balbonella (FR) Gay Mecene (USA) Vaguely Noble (IRE) Vienna (GB) Aureole (GB)
Turkish Blood (IRE)
Noble Lassie (GB) Nearco (ITY)
Belle Sauvage (GB)
Gay Missile (USA) Sir Gaylord (USA) Turn-To (IRE)
Somethingroyal (USA)
Bamieres (FR) Riverman (USA) Never Bend (USA) Nasrullah (IRE)
Lalun (USA)
River Lady (USA) Prince John (USA)
Nile Lily (USA)
Bergamasque (FR) Kashmir (IRE) Tudor Melody (GB)
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Anacheeva (AUS) (Anabaa (USA) - Monroe Magic (NZ)) Stakes Performer SummaryGr1 Wnrs: 0S/Wnrs: 2 S/Per: 4

King of Prussia (AUS) (Anabaa (USA) - Professionelle (NZ)) Stakes Performer SummaryGr1 Wnrs: 0S/Wnrs: 2 S/Per: 5

1: Style Vendome (FR) 25/02/2010 c,b
1st: 2013 Poule d'Essai des Poulains G1

2: Anacheeva (AUS) 20/10/2007 C,Bay
1st: 2010 Caulfield Guineas G1
1st: 2010 Caulfield Guineas Prelude G3
1st: 2010 Mitchell Mckenzie Stakes LR

3: Anabandana (AUS) 26/09/2008 Mare(+,B.
1st: 2011 Manawatu Sires Produce Stakes G1
1st: 2011 Auckland Diamond Stakes G1

4: Virage de Fortune (AUS) 1/08/2002 m,b
1st: 2006 William Reid Stakes G1
1st: 2005 A J Moir Stakes G2
1st: 2005 Champagne Classic G3

5: Headturner (AUS) 14/09/2002 c,b
1st: 2006 AJC Australian Derby G1

6: Imananabaa (AUS) 18/09/2003 f,b
1st: 2008 Railway Stakes G1

7: Yell (AUS) 1/08/1999 ,
1st: 2004 Canterbury Stakes G2
1st: 2003 William Reid Stakes G1
1st: 2003 Futurity Stakes G1
1st: 2003 C F Orr Stakes G1
1st: 2003 Stanley Wooton Stakes G2

8: Stokehouse (AUS) 19/09/2005 c,b
1st: 2009 Caulfield Autumn Classic G2
1st: 2008 Batman Handicap LR

9: Dances on Waves (AUS) 1/08/2005 M,Bay or
1st: 2010 Villiers Stakes G2

10: Court (AUS) 14/09/2005 f,b
1st: 2010 Carrington Stakes LR
1st: 2009 BTC Classic G3
1st: 2009 Sapphire Stakes G2
1st: 2008 Champagne Classic G2

11: French Bid (AUS) 1/08/2000 f,b
1st: 2004 Swettenham Stud Stakes G2

12: Danabaa (AUS) 1/08/2000 f,b
1st: 2004 Euclase Stakes G2

13: Kutchinsky (AUS) 30/10/2006 G,Bay
1st: 2013 Roy Higgins Quality LR
1st: 2010 Grand Prix Stakes G3

14: Avenue (AUS) 18/10/2006 Mare(+,Gr.
1st: 2011 R N Irwin Stakes G3
1st: 2010 Kevin Heffernan Stakes LR
1st: 2010 Northwood Plume Stakes LR
1st: 2010 Testa Rossa Stakes LR
1st: 2009 Red Anchor Stakes G3
1st: 2009 Thoroughbred Club Stakes G3
1st: 2009 MV Champagne Stakes G3

15: Be Positive (AUS) 1/08/2005 f,b/br
1st: 2010 Frances Tressady Stakes G3

16: Slapstick (AUS) 16/09/2006 F,Bay
1st: 2010 Keith F Nolan Classic G3

17: Taikun (AUS) 1/08/2000 ,
1st: 2004 Starlight Stakes LR
1st: 2004 Concorde Stakes G3

18: Silently (AUS) 1/08/2005 M,Brown
1st: 2009 James H B Carr Stakes LR

19: Anagold (AUS) 8/09/2008 ,
1st: 2013 Ipswich Cup LR

20: Pravana (AUS) 9/09/2002 f,b
1st: 2008 Aspiration Quality LR

21: Key Bar Nights (AUS) 1/08/2004 M,Bay or
1st: 2007 Sir Douglas Wadley Handicap LR

22: Sung (AUS) 7/10/2004 M,Bay
1st: 2008 Dark Jewel Classic LR

23: Anacarde (AUS) 1/08/1999 F,

24: Anodin (IRE) 1/08/2010 ,

25: Anabaa's Creation (IRE) 15/04/2004 f,b

26: Heritiere (AUS) 14/10/1998 m,b

27: Hanky Panky (AUS) 1/08/1998 F,Bay

28: Ms Bowie (AUS) 1/08/1999 F,Grey

29: Tariana (AUS) 21/09/2007 M,Bay

30: Minibaa (AUS) 1/08/2003 ,

31: Great Anna (AUS) 1/08/1999 Mare(+,B.

32: Prince de Galles (AUS) 19/09/2004 c,b

33: Donna Natalia (AUS) 3/01/1998 f,b

34: Anabaa's Legacy (NZ) 19/10/2007 M,Bay

35: Gladwell (AUS) 1/08/2004 F,Bay

36: Formula One Racer (AUS) 27/10/2004 c,b

37: My Amici (AUS) 26/08/2006 f,b/br

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